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Up until fairly recently, I used to drive all over the country for my hobby. This could mean anything up to 300 miles in a day with another event the next day. The car needed to be ready to go at a moments notice whilst on the event. An electric car would have been useless. I used to work 50 miles from home on shifts, regularly getting home after 10pm,and setting off at 6am the next morning. My car at the time had a range of just over 150 miles (SIII Land Rover), so I needed to fill up every second day - easy and took <5 minutes. An EV would have been useless. To visit friends and relatives in the UK is a 350 mile trip one way - currently doable in 5.5 hours if I'm on my own. An EV would be useless. I need to tow fairly often, or to take large amounts of heavy stuff in the car - an EV would be useless. I need a people carrier for various reasons - an EV would be useless. I have considered a *hybrid*, but pure electric would require too much change in the way I do things, and I see no reason to.

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