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"Yes, what was promised can be delivered: leave. You may not like it's form but there's nothing impossible about doing what the electorate asked the government to do. What's dishonest is to pretend that all this wasn't discussed during the referendum campaign, because it was. Multiple times. And the people still voted Leave."

1) Your position is absurd. If the only way to leave were for the Army to set off all nuclear bombs and sink the UK, then it would still be physically possible to leave. Should we do it? No, obviously not. So it being physically possible does not mean it's reasonable.

So now you have to decide whether no deal leaving is so unreasonable that it shouldn't be done. I would claim that food and fuel shortages, riots, etc., is too high a price to pay for respecting an advisory referendum three years ago, where the leave side wasn't clearly explained.

2) People still voted Leave because all of the Leave politicians said that what is happening right now would never happen, and the Remain side were just making it up. How close to the cliff edge do you have to get before you put the brakes on?

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