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CO2 is not the problem

All the hysteria and ridiculous waste of money attempting to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations seems rather pointless when one educates themselves as to the actual facts. Based on ice core analysis, atmospheric CO2 levels have been in the thousands of ppm in the past and yet life flourished. None of the predictions of Al Gore or the UN's IPCC have happened, yet politicians love the idea of imposing carbon tax on the populace, most of who never question what is really going on -- just another scheme to redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. The real science, not the pseudoscience based on fudged data and fear mongering, shows that past atmospheric CO2 increases lag behind worldly temperature increases, often by hundreds of years. The realities are that Earth's climate is always changing, mankind's activities have had an insignificant effect on climate compared to that of the Sun, and considering we all live in an Interglacial period we should be more concerned about freezing than overheating as Earth heads toward the next Ice Age.

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