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That doesn't always work. I have a friend who is a geologist and works for an American petrochemical exploration company. His wife is also a geologist and is a professor at a prestigious UK university. She is an expert in plate tectonics and travels round the world giving lectures and attending conferences. Both are White, British, and nominally Christian (attend weddings, funerals, Christmas and have there children baptized). They are now both retired now.

About 10 years they traveled to the US so she could attend an international conference. She was held up by your "Border Patrol" for nearly 5 hours. The reason? She had a stamp in her passport from Iran. Why? In 1987 there was an international geophysics conference int Tehran. Why there? It was the only place that both the Russians (USSR) and US would agree to let there people attend! In the whole world! Her interrogators could not understand this. Eventually he rang his contact at the university holding the conference, they rang a contact at your State Department, the issue was escalated to a fairly high level, a bollocking was issued over the phone, and she was allowed to enter. That is the last time she has visited the US despite numerous invites. She could get a new passport without the stamp, but why should she?

The US seems to have become a Police State without anyone noticing.

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