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GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name

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Look, i'm about as PC as they come. Left wing, environmentalist, feminist. (Yes i know this is El Reg, yes i know I'm painting a target on my back)

As somebody who is none of these things I don't see why anybody would care about any of those things.

Left Wing? Nobody cares. Until we start told that unapproved thinking is wrongthink or thoughtcrime, which your not doing.

Enviromentalist? Believe it or not, *nobody* wants to actually turn this ball into an uninhabitable rock. Many of us may however disagree with the best methods to prevent it from becoming an uninhabitable rock.

Feminist? Most people are, if you take the meaning as being "equal rights and opportunities for females". Support only drops off a cliff when exceedingly unreasonable things are demanded.

And yes, gimp is a stupid name that needs to go away as the product grows up.

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