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No, but changing parents might help. Though this may give away identity (I guess a search on names/schools may give a return)...

I went to school with (still have the yearbook to prove it):

An A Pratt (Self explanatory)

Phillip Mycock (Was actually a slightly different name, but close enough to occasionally mispronounced out loud as "Feel Mycock" for short or "Flick Mycock", occasionally caused gasps in teach/parent presentations).

An A Ford and an A Smith (Mundane)

A "Gordon Bennett" (Which we loved shouting out really loud whenever something went wrong)

and finally a poor L "Blowers", who also did not get kindly treated. :(

Bullying was not something I was part of, my own name being difficult to pronounce. And thankfully, most of use saw them as good character. But I was especially confused at the type of parents who gave those names, knowing they could be used as slang/slurs/accidental insults.

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