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I never said trade without deals was a unicorn. You're putting words into my mouth. What I said was that countries still do deals. I was implying that deals are preferable.

The Leave campaigners made that same point - deals are preferable to not having deals. They said as much in 2016, when they said we'd get great deals.

Now they're saying that no deal is what they promised.

These two are mutually exclusive. They were either lying in 2016, or are lying now.

(With the exception of those like David Davis, who have the unenviable but believable excuse of ignorance.)

That's the unicorn. The whole project is one single unicorn. Not individual trade patterns - the whole of Brexit.

So no, not unicorn enough for me.

Here's a suggestion for what you can say in a few years' time though: "I thought I was being a patriot. It turns out they were lying to me about that too."

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