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So, I gave it a chance. I opened it up, and oh look! The economic section is written by Patrick Minford.

The Patrick Minford who said that leaving the EU with a deal would mean we'd have to wind up our manufacturing sector? Shurely shome mishtake?

So I figured I'd jump right ahead to that, and see if he's willing to admit this again. It's a good test of how honest this document is.

Nope. No mention of it.

Lot of breathless words about how everyone else trades just fine - although a failure to admit that they trade WITH DEALS. Lots of talk about getting rid of undemocratic EU regulations, no talk about how democratic WTO regulations are(n't).

Some brief talk of "short term economic disruption", which is a nice way of glossing over his previous more academic efforts in which he admits the real harm Brexit would do. Definitely nothing about winding down entire sectors of our economy. Minimal use of actual figures, preferring to use rhetoric.

Lots of talk about growth, because growth sounds good and confuses those not familiar with economics. If you sold Senegal three toilet roll holders versus last year's one, that's triple digit growth! So you're perfectly justified in saying we should leave the EU, where we sell hundreds of thousands but have minimal growth - just a solid, reliable and profitable market. Let's rush to trade with Senegal on WTO terms!

We've occasionally seen better misuse of "growth" in the plethora of storage technology press releases that El Reg routinely eviscerates, but only very occasionally. This is masterful misdirection.

Frankly, that document is not a good place to start.

It's in no way a serious study.

It's fan fiction.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just fan fiction for the Brexit My Little Unicorn contingent.

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