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> There's been talk of having EVs fitted with sound generators

This is already the case. The talk is about forcing them to be on at certain speeds. Which they should.

> because they can't be arsed to use their eyes before crossing.

Nice to SEE you have eyes. Do you want blind people to be taken off the streets? What about partially sighted people? Oh and how about people who can barely lift their head. In gact, as its so inconvenient for you your highness lets do this:

1. Remove all blind people off the street. We can use AI to detect if the can react to a sign or symbol place at regular intevals on the street. If the AI sees no reaction then it can target and taser them. This would be basically like a physical version of a CAPTCHA, testing that a subject can see in order to permit access to the outside world. Blind people should be confined to being wheeled around by helpers, who will pass the test and not anoy you.

2. Same goes for partially sighted people, wheel them about if they cant see certain things.

3. Pull all kids off the street too. They tend to run into roads etc, esp when they are young. Why should they be taught to LISTEN for vehicles? Then again perhaps we can run the brats down for points?

4. Anyone with working eyes but unable to move theor head, permanantly or just due to a neck brace, should be declared disabled and confined to a wheelchair operated by a sighted able person.

I forsee and new type of job. The AI will probably end up tasering the kids so will be switched off. Plenty of people will love to walk the streets looking for undesireables, pulling them off the road, hunting and chasing them into corners. All hail the EV driver.

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