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Harvard freshman kicked out of US over OTHER people's posts on his social media

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Anon for a reason. None of us have the information around the attitude of this person at the border. At *any* border, (UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, most of Europe to name a few personal experiences) adopting 'do as you are told and act subserviant almost apologetic'. Having a superior attitude, I'm better than you because I go to Haarvaaard, and have a foreign passport WILL get one noticed and potentially singled out. I suspect that if the interviewer became irritated by someones behaviour then the ressult speaks for itself. Sorry but that is the way it is with all officialdom. The days of the 'ask a policeman' referring to the "Dixon of Dock Green" have long gone. Again apologies but attitude counts for a lot and teenagers will be stroppy, arrogant, fix the world teenagers and there is little adults can do to fix that (personal experience again!!).

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