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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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70% of the UK currently have a garage or off-street parking. (80% for homeowners) Another 20% have 'adequate street parking'.

So you'd expect 70% of people to be able to park off the street and arrange charging for their vehicle.

Another 20% could have solutions provided for them e.g. lampost charging, charging provision on street, cable runs from house in pavement grooves etc. Some councils already offer some of these.

Many workplaces have a desire to look at electric car charging but I don't know the percentage of employees that have a single place of work or a place where they leave their car while at work. I would expect it is more common than less.

Then there is the option for people who commute short distances and have access to a high speed charger nearby to utilise that a couple of times a month when required.

So there will definitely be cases where it isn't suitable and provision may be required. But even a 50% availability would be great to start with.

Big cities like London will have more of a struggle, but they are also best placed to solve it and also residents have the least need for personal transport.

I mean approximately 0% of people have a fuel station at home.

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