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Harvard freshman kicked out of US over OTHER people's posts on his social media

raving angry loony

Fuck the USA. I really hope they do succeed in kicking out every single last "illegal" immigrant or any visitor who doesn't meet their bigoted, white nationalist viewpoint. Then we call sit back and watch the pirate country that got rich plundering others finally go down in flames and unpicked crops, after having done it to so many others in the past.

That or they could have another revolution to kick out the sick, hypocritical, rich fucks currently running their country from their offshore tax havens. That would work too.

Glad I no longer have to travel to the USA for *any* reason. Every time I'm tempted something like this comes up, and I'm reminded why I'm so happy about not living or visiting there. It's bad enough living within 200km of their border.

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