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For a 200 mile+ EV the average person would need to use a public charger 2~3 time a year if they can charge at home


Where I live - the metropolitan area, not the country - hundreds of thousands of people will make trips exceeding 200 miles most late spring to early fall weekends, and a somewhat smaller number will do so many winter weekends.

I guess you don't drive much.

Not everyone is a stay-at-home.

For that matter, one way to the city of one of several girlfriends over the years would be more than twice that 200 miles, and I really wouldn't want to make the trip any longer than it had to be for a long weekend visit. Eleven hours of driving is quite long enough.

Of course, one of my girlfriends was made of tougher stuff than I am - she could do a 23 hour trip, only stopping when the car needed refueling.

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