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"Cost of replacing an ICE engine, vs a battery pack or EV motor? Hmmm... Hmmmm."

In fifty years of driving IC vehicles, mostly second hand, typically 40,000 km/year, and keeping them an average of about 8 years, I have *never* had to replace an engine.

I could relegate my current car to longer trips only, and buy a Tesla S, but that would cost me about $40,000 more than I paid for my current vehicle, before looking into the insurance implications. I am sure my insurance would climb substantially, perhaps enough to pay for half my gasoline from that factor alone.

And $40,000 buys a lot of maintenance and fuel, particularly if you invest it. One might find that at the end of the reasonable ownership period for the Tesla you would still be $30,000 ahead of the game, enough to buy a reasonable IC vehicle new, and still have more than $10,000 left over.

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