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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

Alan Brown Silver badge

"until we can generate the power for them without burning dino juice"

It's worse than that.

Even if we keep the dino-burners (which we won't), we won't have ENOUGH generation capacity to feed an EV fleet and keep up with existing electricity requirements, no matter how much "renewable" generation capacity is deployed (simply because it can't extract enough from what's available - unlimited supply doesn't mean unlimited availability)

removing gas connections after 2025 is going to add as much electrical demand again.

The _only_ way to meet demand is nuclear and those tend to take 30 years to build. By the time this gets realised the rolling power cuts will have already begun (and those whizzo smart meters with their ability to charge uber-peak time rates will be earning their keep for the power companies - yes they DO have remote cutoff relays in them to knock the plebs offline, see Big Clive's teardown of one obtained under dubious circumstances)

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