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Dear God, it's not hard

It seems to be for those who've fallen for the greenwash.

In this country we do NOT, except on rare (and short) occasions, have excess zero carbon and zero fossil fuel based generation. As we get more EVs, this will get worse, not better - particularly overnight when it is suggested a lot of EVs will be charged to use the cheaper lecky.

So given that with the current screwed up system, all renewables must be bought regardless of price (and penalties paid if it can't be taken), there will be at any time all the renewables (and most o the time, nuclear) fully used. Along comes Mr Smug and plugs in his Smugmobile to charge - where does that extra (i.e. the incremental amount needed to charge that EV) come from ?

Clue, it CANNOT come from renewables, they are already running at 100%. Somewhere, the taps will open on a fossil fuelled power station to make up the extra demand. This is a fundamental concept that many people just cannot seem to grasp. It makes no difference what your lecky supplier calls your tariff - it's all the same lecky, comes from the same mix, and is in no way "adding to" the amount of "green" lecky available or being used.

Please don't take this as me being anti lecky vehicles because I'm not. Quite frankly, I'd consider one or two right now if it weren't for the fact that they would be as affordable for us as buying a house is affordable for many people - i.e. not at all. It's a shame because the majority of our use would suit a lecky vehicle nicely - and we have the luxury of being able to park all our fleet in the drive and could plug them in. I've even thought about the practicalities of a conversion, but still not remotely without our financial abilities. As an aside, our youngest car is 13 years old and we only have that because I inherited it from my late father, the oldest is 31 years old.

But at the moment EVs are at least in part a false statement by the owner - the "see, I'm green" image which as above is false. There is no such thing as green lecky regardless of what lies the suppliers tell you. That isn't going to change until we have "quite a lot" more nuclear capacity.

Go ahead, downvote me - it seems that using logic and facts is frowned upon by certain groups.

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