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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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Similarly, a lot of the "waste" that we are being forced to get rid of at great expense could (as you point out) be considered fuel in the right type of reactor - vastly reducing the quantity of waste to be dealt with. But again, for political reasons this isn't happening - not for valid technical or economic reasons, but the green* PR machine can't allow plutonium to exist even if it's then fuel for a reactor.


And never forget the huge amount of 'low level' waste that goes into the drigg dump at sellafield, polluting the landscape with the hard hats worn by visiting celebs/politicos etc etc etc

Hell there are areas of Exmoor and Bodmin moor that are more radioactive that that dump... so they can go in too..

But back to the subject of EVs ..... all we're changing with EVs is where the pollution is emitted, ie at the power station exhaust and where ever the batteries are made.. after all it takes the same energy to accelerate a 1000lb car to 30 mph not matter if its powered by electric , burning fossils or pink fairies

If it doesn't , then theres something very wrong with the universe......

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