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> Not suitable for everyone

Yep, I think the vast majority of people live in a place like one of these:

1. A flat (tower). Parking is provided on the public highway. Your space is dictated by whoever has parked there and how much space they have left you. You may have to walk to your car to grab that thing you left in the boot, that could take several mins. Charging a car at home in such a location would be very difficult.

2. A house / flat on a victorian street. Like with the flat in the tower you most likely have no off road parking at all. The parking is on the public highway and a general free for all. If someone has a party you may not even be able to park in your street. Charging a car at home will again be very difficult. Even if you do manage to park outside your property you would have to throw an extension lead out the window and deal with the council who will likely come to complain about health and safety issues with a cable going across the public footpath.

3. Flat (tower or otherwise) with allocated parking. Depending on the type of parking allocated to you (undergroud car park, parking bays) you may be able to wire up a charging facility. Landlord permitting, location permitting. You may not however always have access to you bay if someone decides to go ahead and park in it.

4. A newer street. You have more space and probably can park outside your house most days but see point 2 as its still an issue.

5. House with a drive/garage. Yep you can probably charge your car without much issue.

Basically the only people who can really make use of home charging are those who have the ability to have the car on their own land somehow.

If you dont have a drive or garage you will have to go to various lengths to implement a home charging facility. If you are parking on the public highway you will be likely charging at public points.

Thing is, most people fall into categories 1,2 and 3. Newer streets (point 4) are built as part of new estates and having visited several I see a mix of on road parking, drives and assigned parking bays. None of which have any charging points already installed.

So, how are the majority of the british public supposed to charge their EV's? Answer, public charging points will be more commonly used than home charging that will be reserved for the few that have the space to use for it.

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