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Seriously, i can disprove most of your claims just with a few seconds of Googling, or Wikipedia.

The average range of most of these commercial EVs appears to be between 100-150 KMPH (or whatever that is in MPH). This will require charging most days for people who don't work locally.

"You can go 300miles+ in some EVs"

You can goo 200 MPH in some cars. If we're expecting everyone to buy Teslas then the day of the EV will never come.

"You can charge from a 13amp supply or add a subsidised home charger to give 7KWh or more"

You can probably charge from a power bank if you have a few days spare. Charging times on these cars from a specialist charging point looks like on average 4 or 5 hours. That's not realistic if you forgot to do it overnight.


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