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Sorry to disagree with you on this. The wear on EV tyres is significantly higher than for ICE vehicles, due to the torque. I estimated that it was at least 25% higher as I usually had to change tyres at least once every 2 years, and I owned a Tesla Model S from 2014 to 2018.

As for the dichotomy of sales v service I would not worry too much about it. BMW i3 EV (for example) has a pretty abysmal service record where Fast Charging causes certain features to be reset, Low-cost charging does not work at all etc. - all blamed by BMW upon "users not knowing how to use our App"

I might consider another EV sometime in the future when car manufacturers stop the incessant BS and make cars with a range that honestly matches an ICE car with a full tank or a genuine "10 minute 95% recharge". Until then I am happy polluting Southern England with my Alfa Stelvio and its warning after 400 miles when it is about to run out of distilled ancient tree juice.

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