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Well if I wanted to go from Leeds to Cardiff in my Model 3 it would require a 7 minute stop at a supercharger to complete the journey costing £1.94.

I would use one of the 1661 rapid chargers available (probably just one of the hundreds of Tesla Superchargers across the country).

I could carry four people and luggage quite easily and pull a trailer and carry plumbing supplies, but I don't need to pull a horsebox, help a builder or electrician, clean the streets, empty the bins, carry paying passengers, help a farmer or the help the emergency services carry sick people.

Luckily the emergency services already use their own electric vehicles, so do taxis, so do street cleaners and there are electric vehicles that can tow over a few tons.

"To replace what people use diesel and petrol for, you will need every shell garage to have a charging point and every Asda car parking spot has one. (not just two sat in a corner) With every charge being under a minute or two."

No you won't, where do you get that from? Does every Asda have a fuel pump in every car parking spot now? Most EVs will have their 'tanks' refilled every night at home. They will rarely need to even use a public charging station.

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