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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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Price: Has a looooooooong way to fall. A realy loooooooooong way.

Range: Considering that most ordinary people must get their cars secondhand, range will be approx the 90 miles of the first generation leaf, which is just starting to enter the secondhand market at a premium price.

Charging stations: I have seen this comment recently. It ignores the fact that charging stations charge far far less vehicles in the same time that a petrol station, with all of its multiple pumps, fills combustion cars. Its not equivalient yet.

Charge time: Yes, but till you can charge your car to (as a guess) 50% charge within 5 mins of plug in I think you will:

- Need more charge stations that there are petrol PUMPS to offset the slower "refill"

- Pave over much more land than they typical petrol station. Basically a large car park to replace 1 small petrol station. You could do this with underfloor inductive charging for each space in a service station. Oh and ban combustion cars from that car park as the space is totally useless (iced) should a combustion car park on it.

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