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Smug? When you can get your over priced over weight Leaf from Leeds to Cardiff in the UK and back in one go without waiting for 30 mins every 150 miles. In one of the very few refuelling stations that currently exist. Then you might have a point.

But your precious Leaf can't do that. Neither can it carry four people and luggage, or pull a trailer, or horse box, or carry plumbing supplies, or help the builder, or electrician, it can't clean the streets, empty the bins, carry paying passengers, drive in all road conditions, can' help farmers, or the emergency services carry sick people etc etc. And bear in mind the VW ID range are concepts, so until proven, they are just pretty marketing rubbish.

So 'head in the sand' or practicality. Which is far more important to every day use than your belief you are somehow better for paying over the odds.

To replace what people use diesel and petrol for, you will need every shell garage to have a charging point and every Asda car parking spot has one. (not just two sat in a corner) With every charge being under a minute or two.

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