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It usually take about 8 hours for a refill from a slow charger. Luckily for nearly every EV owner they don't need to completely refill and it happens overnight while they are asleep.

So they get a fill up every day without the hassle of hanging around for 10 minutes on a smelly forecourt in the cold about 20 times a year and being relived of £70 in the process.

On the couple of occasions a year they need to use a public charger after four or five hours of driving they can stop for a bite to eat and leave their car for 30 minutes to top up.

Imagine the scenario if reversed and most people had an EV which recharged over night. Then someone came along with a fuel car - people would be complaining about the idea that their nearest fuel station is 10 miles away and they have to go there to fill up every couple of weeks and pay a significant sum to do it rather than just charge at home or work while sleeping or working. Then again I hate filling up with Diesel and wish my tank was bigger so I could do it a lot less often - others may enjoy it.

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