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I would quite like to consider an EV, but at the moment "most charging is done at home" is problematic for me, given that I live in a first floor flat, with communal parking that doesn't include a charging point in each parking space.

I can't imagine I'm even the least advantaged in this, indeed I've personally had worse situations than I currently have. It's fine if you have a garage or driveway at your property where you can install your own charging point, but many people, particularly in urban areas, rely on on-street parking, with no guarantee that the parking space will be particularly adjacent to their property.

I then work in a workplace that has (far) fewer allocated parking spots than people who need to drive (woeful public transport here), and most of the time am again reliant on on-street parking, so I wouldn't even be able to rely on charging whilst at work.

That's the public charge point issue I need to be addressed before it becomes remotely practical, not just "can we build a bunch co-located with petrol stations/service stations" for when I'm doing longer distances and need to charge.

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