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I can be smug knowing that the Electricity used to power my car comes from Sun and Wind. Most of it is generated by my Solar Panels and when I'm not using it, it is charging the 21kWh battery that I have. I can disconnet my home from the grid in winter for more than two days if I have a full battery.

At this time of year, I can charge my car overnight using the power in the battery, go out all day knowing that the sun (even on a cloudy day I get 4kWh ery and today it will be more than 20kWh) is charging my home battery ready for me to charge again when I get home. I don't need to charge every day given my use case.

IT is all down to a change in mindset that I had withing a few weeks of getting my Leaf. Once you do that usig an EV isn't a problem at all.

Oh, and if the lies of Ecotricity were not supplying 100% renewable power 24/7/52 then the ASA etc would have stopped them advertising this fact.

Get your blinkers off and embrace the future or ar you still working for a buggy whip maker?

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