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Having lived and worked in Sweden for some years, I have come to appreciate that there are valid reasons as to why the Swedish feminists are so crazy and radicalised as they are.

The 'root problem' is that the 'Official Sweden' values 'The Swedish Brand' a whole lot higher than it values people, especially women and minorities, and this percolates down at all levels of society!

The result for woman is that almost any kind of harassment and abuse is usually solved "internally" by firing the whistleblower and then closing ranks in denying everything and passively-aggressively blaming the victims!

Only the most herculean efforts will get traction enough to see someone 'nailed' and this happens only when the lid really blows off some scandal and something must be done to close it down. The Nobel Committee for Literature scandal is a fairly representative example. The Swedbank money laundering scandal is another.

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