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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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So you asked about 'Other Issues' and then stated some other issues (waste and cost). You've answer your own question!

It will be great when workable fast breeder reactors, for a low price and safe design come on board. With little waste and great economies.

However, if we are talking about Nuclear today in the UK, then Nuclear is pretty much the most expensive option available, has massive decommissioning costs and timescales with little in the way of a proper disposal plan and has very few companies who are even willing to make them.

I'm not in any way anti-nuclear. The promises of reliable, constant, cheap, CO2 free energy is great. The realities are just not quite there yet and the sooner they come about the better.

I just fear that this might never happen. After 60 years there should be multiple companies all bidding to build them without subsidy and bringing electricity prices down to the low levels.

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