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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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"So instead we're meant to build thousands more windmills that cost 2-3x more than alternatives, and are fundamentally unreliable"

Really, so the fact that the strike price is almost at a level where there wouldn't even need subsidy (most of the year it doesn't) would suggest the costs are pretty reasonable and way, way cheaper than nuclear.

"And it'll lead to deaths and disruption. The UK isn't used to 'extreme' weather, so when it snows, there's usually hundreds of stranded motorists on roads somewhere around the UK. Which means they'll need to use energy to keep occupants warm & safe, or they'll need to be evacuated. Then the challenge of clearing roads of EVs with flat batteries. Not quite as simple as a few jerry cans of fuel and some jump starts."

Wow, talk about edge cases. It is easier and safer to continue to heat an EV than a fuel car (less risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning). The extreme weather where cars need to be rescued is a pretty rare event.

It's hardly an event that comes up on most people's radar as a reason no to buy an EV or for government policy.

"But for the UK, decarbonisation is economic suicide, and will make zero difference to global warming because the UK's emissions are already small by comparison to countries that haven't drunk the Green's kool aid."

Oh well, just give up then. No point in being a world leader, developing technologies for a multi-trillion pound market that can then be used in other countries. Unless we can fix it all, everywhere tomorrow then resign ourselves to a future of potential major hardship.

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