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Suitable wattage? You can change the 'wattage' on your vehicle either manually or automatically.

You can charge from a 13amp supply or add a subsidised home charger to give 7KWh or more.

These can be outside your house, you don't need a garage. You can even get roadside charging from some councils, but this is still inits infancy.

You can go 300miles+ in some EVs, a distance that many peole will never drive on a trip, even then the network of public chargers is extensive.

Not many people carry a jerry can anymore, infact not many people carry a spare wheel. You have a breakdown service and they can take you to the nearest fuel station or garage to repair your wheel if you have a blowout. In reality a new generation EV is never likely to have issues with charging other than unreliable chargers from some companies (it's getting better)

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