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> Can you get that out of your dino-guzzler?

Funny how you say that considering your battery car is running on gas mostly.

Oh, because you pay a tiny eclectric company to install a few wind farms and panels you think they magically deliver that energy to you? How do they do that? Can the electrons be directed to you like the post is?

Here, take a look at this. This site will tell you where your power is coming from, at any time of day. Just because you pay ecotricity does not mean you are using renewable energy. You are using whatever is generated, so when there is no sun or wind (like on a cold still night) your car is charging on gas and a small amount of poorly funded nuclear.

If you watch that you will see that the majority of the electricity you use at any time of day and certainly at night comes from good ol dino gas.

So stop pretending to walk about with a smugness in your step thinking you are some kid of rebel for using exclusivley renewable energy. You can only do that if you never plug into the grid and use your own panels. You use the same stuff we all do.

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