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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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What is your point? Are you arguing that we should stop using EVs because they don't solve brake and tyre dust issues as well?

My point's simply a practical and economic one. EVs can be great. We've been using them for decades, ie the humble milk float. And if people want to buy a modern EV, more power to their wallet. Problem is, it's a solution that's going to affect everyone's wallet.

Isn't addressing the immediate problem of local tail-pipe emissions enough?

In a rational, science & engineering driven world.. First quantify the problem. Once you've done that, ie quantified exactly what harm is created by tail-pipe emissions, then look at mitigation. So emissions are the combustion products, but you can't exclude related pollutants, ie particulates. EVs don't solve the particulates problem.

Then there's the practicality of transitioning to a zero carbon world. So withdraw all ICE vehicles, replace with EVs.. And also withdraw all gas heating & cooking. That requires a massive increase in electricity supply.

So that's doable. We build Nx1GW reactors to provide baseload power, and supplement that with CCGT because gas is cheap.. But those are two sensible energy generation methods that the Greens hate. So instead we're meant to build thousands more windmills that cost 2-3x more than alternatives, and are fundamentally unreliable. UK electricity costs rocket to reduce tail-pipe emissions, that aren't necessarily a problem.

And it'll lead to deaths and disruption. The UK isn't used to 'extreme' weather, so when it snows, there's usually hundreds of stranded motorists on roads somewhere around the UK. Which means they'll need to use energy to keep occupants warm & safe, or they'll need to be evacuated. Then the challenge of clearing roads of EVs with flat batteries. Not quite as simple as a few jerry cans of fuel and some jump starts.

But for the UK, decarbonisation is economic suicide, and will make zero difference to global warming because the UK's emissions are already small by comparison to countries that haven't drunk the Green's kool aid.

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