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> I don't think anyone would, but no one is proposing dumping the batteries all over the countryside are they?

Like Lead acid cells they get recycled.

I'm not talking about when they are end of life. I'm talking about when they are activley being used.

Dumping them around the countryside to be charged up by a wind or solar farm is a disaster waiting to happen. When they are end of life, assuming they survived till then, they will be recycled to a point.

My post was about the active live batteries dotted around the landscape that wont be recycled becaue they can and will easily fail, taking the rest of the cells with them, spewing their innards into the sky. I never leave a li-ion battery charging that is unsupervised, certainly if its old. Lol I dont sit there watching it but I'm there to try and limit the damage should it go up. Some people I know use a metal baking tray to charge devices/batteries in especially if they are old or 3rd party ones.

Just think about it for a second.

1. The post office (other services avalable) require you to DECLARE your package contains li-ion batterues or not. Once declared a large warning sticker is placed in the package, if the post office even permits you to post it as some refuse to handle them. These pakages are then treated like potential explosives. Some of the other couriers will flatley refuse to even handle anything that contains a li-ion battery

2. Planes dont let you carry them without following certain restrictons. In fact I know that anyone with a 2015 macbook will be asked several questions should they be found trying to take on on a plane.

3. The samsung Galaxy Note 7

They are not safe enough to have dotted around the countryside in some big metal box with loads of other batteries all exposed to the blaring heat of the record breaking summers that are hot enough to cause pandemoium on the rails. Maybe they will use A/C to cool them, till that fails. Maybe they will encase each cell in its own fire resistant case so that should one, just one go up it wont take all the others with it.

This is what happens when one, just one cell fails surrounded by others:

And this will be dwarfed by the number of cells used in a facility to be charged by wind or solar in a feild somewhere.

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