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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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> nuclear (no CO2 but other issues)

What issues?

- A tiny amount of waste fuel that sits about till the reactors that run on such fuel are ready?

- Meltdowns are impossible for new reactors so thats not on the list.

- Material needed to run them is literally everywhere. Need some? Dig it up from practically anywhere, heck there are beaches full of radioactive sand all over the place.

- They are bloody expensive to build, due to poor investment. This should come down once Seimens start building the modular designs.

- They last 60 years out of the box and can be pushed to 100 years with an overhaul.

They dont seem any worse than solar or windo to me:


- Kills anything that files through the wind farm. Basically is a great way to cull anything that flies.

- Uses a huge amount of oil, bet you had no idea about that?

- When that oil ignites can cause significant fire damage ro arable land and crops.

- Poses a risk to populated areas should it shed its blades.


- Exposes human beings to extremily dangerous materials during manufature.

- Only lasts 30 years, no ability to be recycled unless you pay loads of money. This is important as the choice between recycle and dumping is not a moral one, its a financial one. Just look at the state of domestic recycling, and thats cheaper than recycling solar!

- When dumped, leaks poisons into the environment. Panels that will not be recycled due to expense will need to be stored in a facility, sealed from the environment.

- Terribly inefficient

- Requires rare materials to be dug up from the earth. Quarrying continues, but this time its used in a political fashion with countries going to war (almost) over supply. The employees involved in mining the material are not thought about and may even involve child labour. Kids build the phones, I bet they dig and make the panels too.

Both wind and solar combined have killed more people than nuclear ever did.

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