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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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"I also dont think that placing highly flammable, unstable, heat intolerant and poisonous lithium based battery tech all over the countryside is a good idea"

I don't think anyone would, but no one is proposing dumping the batteries all over the countryside are they?

Like Lead acid cells they get recycled. In fact all EV batteries get recycled at the moment, generally re-purposed into backup power supplies. Once they are fully dead then they may need disassembling, but there can't be a claim of no minerals to cover the demand for batteries and another claim for those batteries being thrown away and not recycled. Both can't be true, most likely neither is.

Also, "I'm not going to drive an EV because in the future there may be an issue with pollution if not managed so I'll just drive an ICE vehicle because the pollution is currently known and is causing serious harm" doesn't add up.

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