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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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"Nope. All that does is reduce your TCO and make your fuel costs higher, "

What? Of course it doesn't. The removal of high carbon sources and replacement with low/zero carbon sources reduces the overall carbon footprint. In 2012 Coal was responsible for 40% of UK power generation, now it is less than 5% (nearly all at winter) and in 5 years time or earlier it will most likely be 0%. The replacement has been renewables and gas (and renewables are now 30% of UK power production). Therefore the change from 40% coal to 30% renewables has upgraded every electricity user (whether EV user or not) automatically in the background.

Every ICE user has to swap out their vehicle to get a cleaner, less polluting vehicle.

"There's some mitigation, ie regenerative braking might reduce brake dust."

An EV with decent regen will not wear out brakes anything like a ICE will. Many owners comment that the brakes are easily able to last the lifetime of the car (not just disks but Pads as well).

Tyres may have more or less wear depending on the vehicle. Although some are heavier than their ICE equivalents the single gear and smooth delivery has less tyre wear than an aggressively driven geared vehicle. However EVs are generally able to accelerate much faster and so they can wear quicker than a slower ICE.

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