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I see the Petrolheads are out in force today.

It seems that any post supporting EV's is downvoted almost into oblivion.

Us smug gits in our Leaf's that ONLY use renewable Electricity from companies like Ecotricity, Octopus and our own Solar Panels will have the last laughs.

I've just bought my second Leaf and love the quietness. I don't miss putting petrol into my daily transport.

What is happening in the EV market is just like what happened 110 years ago with ICE vehicles. At first only the rich could afford them. Then Ford came along with the Model 'T' and suddenly almost everyone could afford a car.

With the Peugeot 208EV and Vauhall Corsa coming along soon and the VW ID range next year, price parity won't be far away. Then we'll see the numbers reall take off.

Oh, and even on long trips, my running costs are 4-6p/mile. Can you get that out of your dino-guzzler?

As for the tyre and brake dust excuse... The tyres on most EV's last longer than on ICE's and because of the regenerative braking (using the electric motor as a generator) I need to hardly use the brakes. In fact, on the Leaf, I drive around town using one pedal (the throttle). Those facts mean that the amount of pollution coming from an EV in normal use is miniscule when compared to ICE cars.

Go ahead and downvote this. Every downvote is IMHO someone just sticking their head in the sand.

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