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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

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"Electric cars can't cut carbon emissions while your burning fossil fuels to power them "

Of course they can. Did you mean that you can't get to Zero carbon emissions while burning fossil fuel? That would make more sense. In which case completely true, as well as having electric vehicles lets push for more carbon-free power generation so all those EVs can benefit with every power station that doesn't rely on fossil fuels is turned off or is used less.

"rare earth minerals"

Not rare, see articles even on this site regularly state this. Many are a by-product of other processes.

"Add in price, lack of range, lack of charging stations, time to charge, etc, etc and they are a technology that is just not viable in its current state."

More publicly accessible *charging stations* in the UK than fuel stations. Used for the odd few trips each year that an EV user doesn't charge at home and have a fully topped car each day to use. BP have plans to add high speed to chargers to all their main fuel stations. shell have similar plans. Tesla charging network is available across the UK. Range can be over 300 miles for an EV which is 5 hourd driving. A 30 minute break can refill, after 5 hours driving you can surely take 30minutes to stop for food on the few times a year you wish to exceed the range of the car?

"they are a technology that is just not viable in its current state."

A few hundred thousand UK users would disagree. But, what do they know, they just use them (For daily commuting, for trips all across Europe and the US)?

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