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Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one

Keith Oborn

A bit out of date?

A parliamentary report form last year - so probably using information from some while before.

I'm on my second EV (Nissan Leaf) and it is already price-competitive with an equivalent IC car if you look at overall cost of ownership. Same goes for other models. The only difference is range, and from personal experience that is a red herring for almost all usage patterns.

The E-Golf is a bad example: an expensive lashed-up conversion of an existing model. Look at future VW models for a better comparison.

There is a good secondhand market already: look at Auto Trader. OK, the absolute number of cars is low, but then that reflects the number sold in past years.

Charging points are a problem. The main issue is the stupid multiple payment systems, although at least HM Gov are working on that, all new ones must take bank cards from next year. Given that the largest "network" is now owned by BP, I suspect that this issue will get fixed for existing units quite soon.

A lot of public charge points are in odd locations. Ecotricity did a good job on this, putting them at motorway service stations. BP will no doubt know some good places!

BUT: EV owners only rarely need to use a public charge point. Most charging is at home.

Perhaps El Reg might like to write, copy or link to an article that shows the real situation - warts and all, for there are warts, but they are small and shrinking.

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