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We were looking for two servicedesk types at one point. We had a few hundred applications, and had three female applicants. Two of them got interviews, and one of them got the job.

You are vastly more likely to get an interview if your part of a protected minority despite more qualified people applying and getting an interview means that you have a one in (however many people were interviewed) chance of getting the job.

When they start copping-on and standing up to the blatant misogyny that is still so rife in the lower echelons of the tech sector I might shed a tear for them.

Where? In any work environment junior people who start abusing any of their colleagues regardless of sex, race, etc are going to get one of those meetings without tea or biscuits with their managers and HR, and if they are in the "lower echelons" then there is no particular reason not to fire them, since the lower echelons are by definition eminently replaceable; it's not like replacing Linus Torvalds would be. (And in any case he's completely non discriminatory in handing out abuse; he abuses based on crap code or architecture rather than on sex or race.)

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