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"Those poor white males victims. Life is just so incredibly hard for members of such an oppressed minority."

While I appreciate your empathy for those stuck using PHP, maybe oppressed is going a little too far as they likely choose their punishment,

Isn't the hope that PHP will attract a diverse range of developers a little optimistic when it is approaching the point where it's very mature and starting to look through brochures for retirement homes for legacy languages and telling younger languages to get off its lawn?

Fighting the diversity battle with PHP likely achieves little - the small portion of misogynists stuck using it will continue to use it and be misogynists while the rest of the tech sector moves on and shrugs as PHP's demise is hastened slightly.

While history shows wars are often won from many small victories, just as many wars are lost by winning easy battles but losing the important ones. This "victory" looks easy....

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