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Hardly. In truth, he really hasn't royally fucked anything up yet. Yeah, he's pissed a bunch of people off, and done things that aren't considered "Presidential", and overstepped his bounds a few times. But none of that really damaged the core of the Republic. That part is still strong. We still have an electoral college that works, and Congress and the SCOTUS still have their full powers. Nothing important has really changed, and he's done nothing that can't be undone by a future administration with the same "stroke of a pen" that he used to do it. Looking back in 20-30 years, Trump's current buffoonery will have made little if any difference, unless Congress and the States choose to make drastic changes to the Constitution to prevent this in the future. THAT's the really scary part, IMHO - people trying to muck around with the Constitution for knee-jerk reasons.

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