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Uncle Sam is asking Americans if they could refrain from slapping guns on their drones


Why so much talk?

When you keep reading this kind of arguments and counter arguments the first obvious thing you can realise is that they don't want to solve the issue. It's not so complicated, even if you are holding the remote control you are not bearing any arm and a remote weapon obviously does not work for self defence. So if it isn't already forbidden it could be immediately regulated as are assault weapons. The government should have intervened immediately after the YouTube video claimed it is legal to install a flamethrower on a drone. If what they said in the video is true an executive order could have solved the issue without violating the constitution. If what they said in the video is false there is room to proceed for inciting to break the law.

BTW all the stories about Amazon wildfires are a good reminder that there are far more ways to use the flamethrower on a drone illegally than legally. All the publicity that the media gave them is definitely questionable

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