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But this has been depicted in those procedural crime shows where an explosive device was strapped to a drone and used to assassinate someone. Not too far fetched.

Not far fetched at all. So this weekend, Israel attacked a site in Syria, where Iranians were allegedly about to launch 'killer drones'. And also flew drone bombs into Beirut, one of which apparently failed to detonate so acted as a bit of technology transfer. Much like Iranian claims of capturing US/Israeli drones. Then there was an ISIL attack on a Russian airbase in Syria using drones armed with mortar bombs.

So it's a very real threat, and also an asymmetric one. So Israel has it's Iron Dome system to counter hostile missiles & drones, but means firing a 90kg, $50,000 missile at a <$5,000 drone. Plus risks of failed intercepts meaning the interceptor could end up doing more damage than the drone. For Israel, that's a little less risky given the launch trajectory is generally in the direction of the enemy. Gets a little more embarassing for say, Syria, which had one of it's interceptors fall on Cyprus. So nations are looking at alternatives like laser defences, eg Israel's Iron Beam.

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