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I used the term open borders loosely. Yet, not everyone thinks its a total exaggeration

Nope, that wasn’t, quite, Fox news, was it?

Again, if voters generally favor a more open immigration policy it ought to come together organically, like say gay marriage where there is a massive, and welcome, consensus towards tolerance. At least in my country, Canada, I would cautiously support greater immigration. But it’s very much of a nation-level, long-term, decision. European experience is also that administrative intake ahead of actual consensual and popular welcome, acceptance & integration and allowing immigrants to _succeed_ is foolish (the US and Canada are much better than France, for example).

Pushing ahead of majority opinion to a much more welcoming policy towards immigrants, esp illegal ones, because it’s good for primaries is a foolish idea. It lacks legitimacy towards the electorate so it will get shot down. Immigrant bashing and child separation is one thing, letting everyone in and never deporting anyone is another. Obama mostly seemed to get that, although one could be concerned if Deporter in Chief was reluctantly arrived at or whether engaged in for political expediency. I’ll be nice and assume the first.

P.s, am sure all the donors to Hillary last election _never_ intended to call in any favors.

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