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"Trump has no defence as he's just not a credible centrist."

Are there any true centrists left? Any Conservative who looks centrist is considered weak, and would be a drag on the number of conservatives showing up at the polls. Look at how the common folk on the right are already crucifying Dan Crenshaw for his meager support of the Red Flag laws, whereas a few months ago, when he was ripping AOC a new one, he was the Bright New Hope of the Republican party.

At the same time, the Liberals all seem to be falling over themselves to prove how whacky and far-out (of touch?) they are.

I doubt any Republican but Trump (or one like him) could energize enough support on the Republican side to get elected. Milquetoast centrist guys like Jeb or Kasich or even John McCain, don't get enough people fired-up to win nationally. They don't get all the splinter groups glowing with latent intent and marching to the polls. Then too, the frenzy around Trump was amplified because his opponent was Evil Hillary. A lot of people disliked her enough to vote for Trump, even if they didn't really like Trump. (Guilty here...)

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