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I wonder if you're aware that "over 40 years" dovetails quite nicely with the Republicans' switch to the "Southern strategy"

The electoral college rule is what it is. Until it gets reformed, deal with it, rather than complaining that it exists. Pretending it doesn't exist and then acting all surprised when you lose is... a loser's game. Rightly or wrongly, POTUS elections are not decided on a head count basis, so winning the popular vote is not enough. That's not to say I approve of it, not that it matters, but there are all sorts of glitches and flaws in many countries' electoral systems (I can think of one country that has an un-elected leader right now, for example).

You play with the hand you're dealt, not the one you wish you had and I'd be willing to bet that that rule will remain for the foreseeable future.

Extremely partisan gerrymandering on the other hand seems to have a flimsier legal basis so might be a better aim for reform. Not that I expect that to happen either, with the recent nominees to SCOTUS guarding the roost.

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