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US regulators push back against White House plan to police social media censorship


Im very concerned that Twitter censors researchers human rights activists and civilians reporting the news in conflict zones as in Syria and others, I've been on Twitter since 2011 and o er 400,000 tweets have added my name to dozens of appeals to reinstate their accounts including in recent months and on June 27 two from my network were suspended including myself for vague unspecified reasons the same general statement ( your account has been suspended for repeated or multiple violations) as last March suspended for 3 weeks then Twitter says sorry for the inconvenience my account was caught up with a group that were suspended. Interesting that Jack now is supporting and donating to Tulsi Gabbard an apologist appeaser and supporter of the brutal dictator Assad documented proven war criminal and suspends 2 human rights activists who support the Syrian peoples rights and governments responsibility to protect and criticize Gabbard a non-interventionist and Assad documented proven war crimes denier and several other dictators. It seems like a phone company trying to control the conversations and the Twitter platform is trying to control the narrative access to news information and justified criticism and promote their conspiracy theorists and documented proven war crimes denialist politicians and exclude all others, Jack says Gabbard is the only one for climate change reforms, as she is also for dictators and war crimes atrocities which could lead to WWIII, I'm more concerned with the safety security and protection of civilians accountability and the rule of law.

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