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Trump was and is a NY democrat who took over the shambles that was the republican party, for crying out loud. He's hated by the media and the real powers that be for managing somehow to skip the "selection process" candidates normally have to go through such that those in actual power don't have to care who wins - it's a matter of principle - and for the media - click bait.

Doesn't everyone already know that the powerful who lobby for this and that already pay both sides?

Yes, Tim Pool, Rogan, and quite a few others nominally thought of as on the left here (well, everywhere but SanFran, the most hypocritical "progressive" city in the US - home of poop and needles and streets with people sleeping on their square meter like India *was* - due to their "progressive" policies) in the commentary biz have been de-ranked despite the authors editorializing as though stating facts that there is no evidence of violating the principles of section 230 and censoring "free speech" by these platforms - the law as is is currently not able to handle properly the distinctions involved between publisher and platform.

And these guys are trying to save the "left" here by identifying and pushing away the real nut jobs.

Thing is, those big tech outfits to which this applies already own our government, and yours too. So even our government "objects" to anything that might inconvenience their paymasters.

Observe and learn truth. The bad guys have already destroyed the meanings of words like "woke", "progressive", "equality" and so on. You have to pay sharp attention to not be fooled by these useful idiots.

The left is anything but liberal - contradict their spew and get beaten up by guys wearing masks.

The left are the intolerant ones when it comes to "Wrong think" and you know it.

The right is anything but conservative - they have become their own flavor of nut jobs.

We've destroyed our ability to even discuss this civilly by wrecking the meanings of the words used for it.

I bet Mike didn't live through the Eisenhower era as I did. Zero people paid those tax rates (as now) - the biggest lawyers and accountants win, Yes, instead of just saying it, we did spend on infrastructure, unlike today's left who is all talk (Flint and the rest of Michigan, most of California's's a long list of shovel ready jobs that never materialize even when the left has a super-majority - pay attention). Unions worked for awhile after WWII because we had all the money and production...and could pass the costs of their corruption on to consumers. We don't have those things now.

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