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US regulators push back against White House plan to police social media censorship

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ALL agree that Faceb[itch,ook] and Tw[a,i]tter and Google have TOO MUCH POWER in their hands? They're in a position to literally TAKE OVER THE WORLD by manipulating the 'sheeple'. That is NOT a good thing.

It's not always a shadowy agenda that drives these things. Yes, I agree that the likes of Facebook are often misleading and manipulative of their masses of users, but corporations are paranoid about bad press potentially impacting their business.

Their platforms are driven by on the engines of human drivel, the mundane to the scandalous. However, it's a find line, and too much outrage or controversy they fear will lead users to abandon them, and they pull the source and try to look contrite and as outraged as everyone else.

If they are pulling more 'right-wing' nonsense than left, it's because the masses of their users are closer to pitchforks and torches over it than they are the 'left-wing' nonsense.

If you are noticing more content being pulled you agree with, you should be worried about potentially being groomed by extremists.

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